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First in order to produce two timepieces that his grand daughters would get as a souvenir of their grandfather, Roger Cornet set on to draw and build from sratch every single piece of a movement in his spare time, starting with the escapement wheels and ending with the balance, which he wanted first of all to be aesthetic. In his readings, he discovered an article about the French furniture collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New york, which brought together the skill of the 18th century cabinet makers with that of the painters from the Manufacture de Sèvres. He decided to do the same with clockcases.

The beginning of the family history

Modèle 1200


Modèle 1300


Modèle 1400

Once the prototypes were finished, Bernard cornet, seduced by his father's idea, decided to produce a limited series of 50 unique pieces for the world, from which only 40 are for sale.
Hand in hand, day after day, the two of them worked together with faith and determination. Bernard Cornet, an experienced sales manages expert in precious stones took care of the drawings. Roger Cornet, a real perfectionnist, studied each part of the movement, constantly looking for improvement.

The masterpieces are born

After seven years of research, a lot of passion and disciplin, these incredible time measurement devices come out of the workshops. Launched at Montres & Collection in March 1993, they received a standing ovation from the professionals, the press and the public. Quickly sold off, some of them have travelled all over the world. Each one of these unique masterpieces features a fine sculpted heart, hand decorated plates and refined ornaments in the noblest tradition of French clock making.

Fifty table clocks: authentic collection items

Entirely made and assembled by hand, these table clocks signed by Roger Cornet Créations combine traditional craftmanship and the perfection of the modern material technology.

Aesthetics are the essential

Aesthetic refinements are combined with extreme accuracy, both inside and outside the clock. Each one of the 250 parts which compose the movement are designed and produced with precision and the most beautiful of them are made wisible through the water-tempered glass of the case.

The identification sign characteristic to Roger Cornet Créations is the alignement, a setting technique enabling to see the noble parts of the movement: balance, anchor and eschapement wheel. This symbol of equilibrium is used as a trademark by Roger Cornet Crétions. Bell covers of sanded silver crafted to look like lace, each one of the five arms of the escapement wheels looking like a fleur de lys - a drawing close to perfection, according to Roger Cornet, who uses it as an ornamental theme - winding keys set with cabochons, the tremendous care taken with every part is the result of an astonishing attention for detail.

Fifteen cases with an exclusive handpainted decor executed by the Manufacture de Sèvres

Each on of these magnificent cases is different from the other. In real golden brass, 15 of them have a decor made of fine china plates and medaillons, especially hand painted by the Manufacture de Sèves for Roger Cornet Créations (birds, landscapes, flowers... reproduced from originals found in the library), the others are decorated with precious or semi-precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires, opals, topaz, lapis, green agates... but also Mabbee pearls. Each clock lives with the same rythm as its owner. It rings the quarters and the hours, beats the second (which is very rare), the movement and chime can be hand wound with an incorporated key.

Some stand on four columns and feet with a fleur de lys shape and display time horizontally, as it used to be the case two centuries ago. Others, aslo transparent, feature a vertical movement, sublime combination inserted within an elegantly supported case. Unique in the world, each clock is personalised, numbered and signed, brand and patent registered.

Technical description

Movement parts are brass guilded with 5 microns of 18-carat
Case parts are gold plated with 20 microns of 18-carat
Certified by label and engraver's name
Escapement wheels in special brass
Second beating balance pivoting on ballbearing
All moving parts revolving on special brass rings with a versus pivot
Escapement wheel and anchor jewelled pivoted with rubies
Chime with two striking hammers for quarter-hours and hours
Running reserve of two weeks

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